Friday, December 14, 2007

The Truth about Hypnotherapy and How it can help you get results in life

Wow! Another year almost over. If you are like me you are probably already wondering about your New Year goals.

Well, have you ever thought about a voice coach? This month I am pleased to introduce you to a wonderful lady. Her name is Anne-Marie Speed. What a name! And what a voice coach!

For those of you who have read the book “The Secret”, you may find this month’s book review interesting. Plus I have a gift for you. A simple self-hypnosis technique that will help you to cope with Christmas Stress - or any kind of stress, come to think of it!

Enjoy and Merry Chirstmas!


Have you ever walked into a major bookstore and began searching in the popular psychology section? Perhaps a time when you were looking for a book that could help you use your mind to achieve your goals? Well the chances are you found a book that taught visualisation techniques and forms of affirmations. The book may not mention hypnosis. It may talk about programming your subconscious mind, or maybe teach a form of meditation.

This is all good stuff, but it's still hypnosis.

Recently I spoke on hypnosis at a college in London. The students were young and keen to learn. One young woman came up to me afterwards and told me the exercise I had led them through was similar to her yoga class.

This, of course, is not surprising as certain parts of yoga are like self-hypnosis. Now here’s where hypnosis differs in many ways: if you are in sales you can use hypnosis to sell more products or services. This is because effective communication is hypnotic in nature. Hypnosis is a tool of influence, whether you are influencing yourself or others. By the way influence is neither good nor bad. It just depends on how we use it. If we influence somebody to lose weight, that’s good. If we influence somebody to do something against their better nature, that’s bad. You can also use hypnosis to influence yourself, you can learn to control pain, reduce stress, stop smoking and become more successful financially.

What do you want to change in your life?

The secret to change is in a way like learning a different language. The way you talk to yourself. What you focus on and what you choose to believe. It’s simple but not always easy. Change is not easy; this is because we don’t believe it is. We are programmed as children to think like this. When we think back to some of the messages we accepted as children. “Learn a trade and you will be safe.” “Stick to what you know and you will be safe.” “All the women in our family get married young.” “You are just like your father, you like your food.” You get the idea. We are made up of many different beliefs and attitudes that continue to run our lives. Much of what we do, we do without even knowing why. Imagine that - doing things and we don’t even know why!

We think we know; sometimes we do and sometimes we don’t. Not consciously anyway.

When you learn to speak the language of your subconscious you find yourself taking control of your life. You learn to easily form new positive behaviours. You can programme life goals into your mind with the belief that you can achieve them, You can develop more confidence, lose weight. You can programme your mind to be successful in your chosen field.

Five years ago a businessman came to me for help. He was highly successful with many employees. He told me he wanted to be more successful. I was amazed! “More successful?” I said. “Yes,” he replied, "we can all do better."

I coached with this man over ten weeks. I taught him every mind programming technique I knew. I hear his business is now booming!

When you think about it, it's obvious, to improve our results in life we have to change the way we use our mind and there is no better way than hypnosis.

Now to make changes within. There is another secret...?

Next time I will reveal all!!


"The secret behind the secret law of attraction"
By Kevin Hogan

No it’s not a sequel to The Secret! This book is a fascinating read. If you have read The Secret, you may be embracing the law of attraction - or maybe not! If you can't make your mind up about it, READ THIS BOOK!

My friend Kevin Hogan and others have put all their knowledge, feelings and concerns about the law of attraction into one volume. The book challenges the claims of The Secret and discusses its potential harm. It also goes on to suggest it has cult-like tendencies.

One definition of the word 'cult' is: “A great devotion among a group to a particular person, thing or idea”. Well I have to say that whereas the law of attraction may or may not be a cult, The Secret movement definitely is. Don’t get me wrong; I think it is safe to say that the idea of thinking and visualing how or what you want to become has a lot of substance. The mistake I think The Secret makes is forgetting that we have to take action - and lots of it. If we want to achieve our goals, we have to get off our buts.

As Hogan and friends observe, wishing and praying for things to happen just doesn’t work. We have to have some form of strategy and we sometimes have to require special knowledge and training in order to get results. The Secret behind the Secret Law of Attraction also gives you some great ideas about how to do this.

It’s refreshing to read a book that sends a message of common sense.

The Secret behind the Law of Attraction also looks into the background of The Secret. Apart from some dubious claims, I personally feel there are some useful ideas in The Secret. There is already too much negativity in this world and in many ways The Secret offers a message of hope. Unfortunately, there are also some errors.

The Secret behind the Law of Attraction is a great read that is sure to stir up some controversy.

Let me know your views.

Available at Amazon books.


There are risks and costs to a program of action, but they are far less than the long-range risks and costs of comfortable inaction.
John F. Kennedy.

Introduction to Vocal Function
By Anne-Mari Speed

Anyone who works with the voice or who is a professional voice user (not just actors and singers but teachers, people in business, vicars, hypnotherapists, barristers, sports instructors, to name a few) can benefit from a clear understanding of vocal function.
The first place to start is to ask this question: What is the larynx for? If you place your hands around your neck and feel what is commonly known as your ‘voice box’, I would like you to think for a moment and ask yourself, Why do we have a larynx? This important question is fundamental to anyone wanting to work on their voice.

If you thought that the larynx exists in order to provide us with a voice, then you would be in very good company with many voice teachers who also think like you. However, you would be wrong. The primary anatomical function of the larynx is not to sing or to speak; it is a valve that determines inflow and outflow of breath, and a constrictor that protects the lungs from inhaling anything that isn’t air. This function is vital, that is, life saving: the only thing to get into the lungs should be breath. The larynx is very sensitive to potential threats to the airway and will shut down and protect it immediately, spontaneously and efficiently. This response is instinctive and very strong. Think about what happens when you are eating and something goes down the ‘wrong way’. When you breathe normally the rate of airflow is about ten miles per hour. When we cough, this can increase to up to five hundred miles per hour. Something that powerful has to be pretty important and nothing is as important as breathing.

This instinctive response can also kick in when we least want it such as when we are singing or speaking especially at higher pitches or loud volumes. When this happens, structures called the false vocal folds close over the true vocal folds. The true vocal folds are where we make sound. The false folds are what allow us to make a strong closure such as when we swallow, cough or strain. This is necessary in these functions but is completely inappropriate in singing or speaking. However it is possible to override it by silent laughing. Laughing is a device that actively pulls the false vocal folds into an open position, overriding the constrictive posture. This takes practice to locate and to maintain while singing or speaking but it is the most essential skill in voice training. Laughing prior to singing or voice practice, silently or otherwise, can have a directly beneficial effect on voices, releasing tension and creating an optimum position for healthy voicing.

There are many reasons why we constrict and it is important to know that we do not have to make a complete closure in the larynx in order to affect the voice. A partial closure of the false vocal folds is enough to disrupt the easy, free vibration of the true vocal folds, causing vocal problems such as hoarseness or loss of our usual voice quality. Triggers for constriction or the ‘wrong’ kind of effort in the larynx include speaking too loudly and for too long, shouting, speaking with a very breathy tone, speaking at the wrong pitch (too high or too low), constant throat clearing and straining or grunting while working out at the gym, to name some of the most common.

Another vital component of good vocal practice is the ability to make clear, clean tone, that is tone that is free from any breathiness or huskiness. While many people find a husky sound quite attractive, it is very tiring for the voice to produce and can result in further voice problems. Our working objective with all voices should be the inability to produce clear tone. A voice that is persistently breathy or hoarse is often an indication of other vocal problems and should be investigated further. Clear tone is the basis for building vocal strength and expressiveness, resonance and communication.

Other key factors that should be addressed in all voice training and by anyone interested in their own voices are:

Posture - healthy, sustainable voice use is dependent on efficient posture. The position of the larynx in the neck, how easily it moves and what other strains are placed upon it are affected by your posture. Good posture is the relationship between the head, neck & back which should be upright but not distorted or rigid.

Clear tone – as mentioned earlier, this is the basis for voice work.

Hydration – drinking enough water helps keep the vocal folds well lubricated which in turn eases strain and promotes good function.

Steaming – a bowl of boiling water and a towel is one the most efficient ways of hydrating the voice and is very comforting.
Your voice is a precious asset. Although it is pretty robust, a little care will ensure that it lasts you a lifetime. If you have any concerns about your voice, you should always contact your GP who will refer you to a specialist voice clinic, if required.

You can visit her website by clicking here.


I want to share with you a simple way to use self-hypnosis (trance) to help you to control daily tension and stress. Here is a completely natural way to go into a healing mind/body state.

When you feel like you need to take a break:

Sit comfortably with your feet flat on the floor and your hands on your thighs.

Now gently bring your awareness to your breathing. Just notice the natural rhythm of your breath without trying to change it.

As you continue to relax, tune into the most comfortable part of your body.

As you do this, imagine the comfort spreading deeply.

While you continue to focus on this comfort, find yourself relaxing more deeply.

This is a simple way to centre yourself and release any daily tension or stress.

Practise this technique for five to twenty minutes two to three times a day.

I bet you feel a lot better for it.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Stress-Related Conditions - Get Help with Hypnotherapy

Stress is not always harmful. At times it helps to get things done.
However, if stress gets out of control it can become negative stress which can become potentially damaging. Problems from insomnia, headaches to heart disease, high blood pressure and angina, to name a few, are all connected to high stress levels.

Hypnotherapy can be of tremendous value with stress awareness, click here to learn more.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Hypnosis Treatment - London / Kent


Sigmund Freud once said that words were like magic. How right he was. Words have started wars and have ended wars. Words have healed and also destroyed lives so how are the words in your head affecting your life? Now this may all sound a bit dramatic you may think but the truth is your words create your world. Your inner thoughts or internal dialogue play a major part in your happiness and success, even your health. When you think of most problems we are faced with in life almost all are created or reinforced by negative self-talk, depression, anxiety, insomnia. The list goes on. You see most of this internal dialogue is out of our conscious awareness most of the time, we have trained ourselves well to almost do it naturally. You could say we have hypnotised ourselves into thinking this way. Now just imagine if we could de-hypnotise ourselves out of this bad habit.

It’s not your fault
The problem is we weren’t given a manual on how to use our brain when we were born “too bad” because if we were the world might be a different place to live in. So just what is the right way to think you may say. First of all it’s important to realise that what you focus on most in life is what you are likely to get. Many people invest a lot of time and energy reminding themselves of what they don’t want. Now what most people are not aware of is that words create mental images, and what this means is that when we talk to ourselves or think about what we don’t want, we are programming our minds to get just that. We create negative intentions, and as a result our life becomes a self-filling prophecy e.g. “I am a failure. I will always be fat. I will die trying…” You get the picture. This is more than just positive thinking we are talking about. I am talking about being aware of how we communicate to ourselves in a subjective way. Just by increasing our awareness of how we communicate to ourselves at an inner level, we can change our whole experience of life. We will be happier, we can create more success for ourselves and also be healthier. There are many examples of how words can wound or heal. There is probably no better example of how the power of words can heal us than that of prayer. Millions of people across the globe use many different forms of prayer as a path to happiness and good health. It is important to realise that you do not have to have to follow a religion to use positive self-talk, it can simply come from our own inner-selves.

  1. Remember words create mental images.
  2. When thinking about what you want use words that create pictures of your desires in your mind.
  3. When you focus on what you want use exciting, emotional words.
  4. Eliminate negative words. Don’t, Not, Can’t, etc…
  5. When you focus on your desires do it with positive intention.
  6. Write down your goals on paper, keep your thoughts on track.
  7. Above all keep your internal dialogue positive.
Through awareness of our own self-talk we can help keep our minds healthy and strong, and you never know perhaps you may even enjoy a little more happiness and prosperity in your life as a result.
I leave you with these words of wisdom. “It is the mind that maketh good or ill, that maketh wretch or happy, rich or poor” – Edmund Spenser.

The 7 lost secrets of success – Joe Vitale
If you want to be successful you have got to get this amazing book. It has been referred to by one reader as the best book on success since “Think and grow rich” – Napoleon Hill.
This is a slim easy to read book with just over 100 pages. The author discusses 7 secrets of success that he feels are long forgotten. I personally think that the title is probably more than 90% accurate. Even through the book was written in the early nineties the material here is still as relevant as ever. I enjoyed reading this book very much. It contains good sound information and proven methods for creating a long lasting successful business.

Vitale shows us the importance of advertising, how honesty is one of the most powerful tools of persuasion on the planet, plus the lost secret to effective communication. Great stuff. Joe Vitale is a successful marketing specialist and copy writer, based in the U.S. I like his writing style; it’s a lot of fun reading his books. If you want to learn some true secrets of success, I urge you to get this book and read it NOW!! Available at
I would like to thank Stephanie White for sending me this wonderful letter.

"I am writing to thank you so much for your help with my fear of flying.
A brief bit of case history: I am 29 and had flown every year since birth including quite a few long haul flights without any problems at all. It was only when I took my own children on an aeroplane that I became aware that I was not comfortable with the experience. This became progressively worse as each summer holiday loomed and something as wonderful as a holiday suddenly became a thing to dread. I used to take valium and have a glass of wine ( or two ) before getting on the aeroplane. My husband and 2 children would sit on a different part of the plane to me as we didn’t want my very obvious fear to affect the children. I would then sit on my own with a blanket over my head (the only way that I could block out the fact that I was on a plane!!!)
Not only did the anxiety affect me dramatically during the build up to the holiday but of course it started to ruin the whole time we were away as I was worrying about flying home. The whole holiday experience became a very bad one. I had even began to show signs of panic when dropping friends and relatives of at the airport.
I decided to come to see you as I figured that this was my last chance to change things. I felt that I had nothing to lose (apart from the session cost). I had never been hypnotised before or tried any type of alternative therapy. After the first session I felt very relaxed and I came to see you in the week before we went away for some reinforcement work.
I felt absolutely no anxiety in the weeks before our holiday – it was amazing !!
On the morning of the flight I felt fine and even a little bit excited. The flight was four hours and I sat with my family, I eat my meal, I even went to the toilet !!! I would even go so far as to say I enjoyed it.
I am very grateful to you for all you help and understanding. I had an amazing holiday and felt very, very relaxed.
My husband and children were very proud of me and we are going to book another holiday.
Thanks again Marcus,
Stephanie White"
Success is going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.”
Sir Winston Churchill.
Chris Hare performs as a professional entertainer as a memory man. On several occasions he has memorised the birthdays of over 300 cruise ship passengers and correctly recalled them instantly.
He once recorded the highest viewing figures on Maltese television where he memorised the names of the entire studio audience of over 100 people.
His amazing memory feats have helped raised several thousand of pounds for charity. The techniques taught in Sensational Memory have been tried and tested under the glare of the spotlight and the watchful of eyes of a public audience.
Chris Hare has written a course called Sensational Memory, which teaches how to improve your memory and powers of recall.
Every aspect of memory has been covered from memorising numbers, dates, text, playing cards, names and faces.
Apparently most people seem to have a fear that their memory is not very good. This fear is ill founded because unless you have a serious disease or brain damage you have the potential to have a Sensational Memory.
If you have the mental ability to read this paragraph, count to ten and visualise (not memorise but simply visualise) each of these following things: Train, Milk, Chimpanzee, Stamps, Snake, Forest, Tank, Clown, Trumpet and Flame - then you have the capacity to develop a Sensational Memory!
The aim of Sensational Memory is to help you quickly achieve a better use of your memory. Just by reading the first few pages you will have more of an understanding of how your memory works. You will soon be able to prove to yourself that you have an amazing capacity for memory.
Most people feel they have a poor memory because they lack confidence in their mental agility. By using Sensational Memory your confidence will soon grow and you will be able to apply your newly acquired skill in many everyday situations. Sensational Memory will give you the tools to justify this newfound confidence. It will not be long before you are amazed at the outstanding results that you will accomplish.

Sensational Memory will not just benefit people who feel they have a hopeless memory. It will also benefit people who believe they have a naturally good memory. Whatever your standpoint it is the intention that after reading Sensational Memory you will reach the dizzy heights of excellence.
By reading Sensational Memory you will acquire the skill of remembering names and faces. You will learn how to remember important dates such as birthdays and anniversaries. You will also learn how to quickly memorise passages of text for examinations and speeches.
Surprisingly, if you are able to remember just 10 letters you will be able to remember and recall 99 different items numbered on a list. By using a simple technique you will soon be able to recall any one of the items at random. For example, if you were given a random number such as 67 you would be able to recall immediately the corresponding item. You would also be able to give the corresponding number to any of the items listed.
It will become quickly apparent how this system works. Sensational Memory will positively encourage you and show you how to create your own mnemonic images.
Throughout the course of Sensational Memory you will be given useful information and techniques on how to improve your memory in general. By learning and applying these techniques you will find that your natural memory will improve.
To learn more about Sensational Memory and how to improve your memory and powers of recall, feel free to visit:

The miracle of olive oil.
Everybody knows that olive oil is good for you especially the extra virgin type. Well now there is evidence of another benefit. Research in Seville suggests that olive oil has certain compounds that may prevent stomach ulcers. Now that’s some news that you may want some time to digest.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Phobias and Fears Hypnosis Treatment

Phobias are learned behaviours. The good news is the brain learns fast, and as fast as the brain learns to create a negative response to some situation or event, it can quickly learn to respond in a new positive more healthy way.

Some of the most common phobias and fears are:
  • Fear of flying
  • Public speaking
  • Spiders
  • Needles
  • Heights
  • Driving
Hypnotherapy and N.L.P can quickly and easily deal with most phobias in just one session.
Find out more by visiting our site

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Weight Loss - the Forgotten Secret!

New no diet approach! Relies on your mind, not your food to lose weight!!

Imagine losing weight and keeping it off without dieting. In his new book, Harley Street based hypnotherapist Marcus D'Silva shows you that controlling your weight begins in your own mind. Its not about reducing carbs, fats, or counting calories. Its not about special diet shakes or pills. Its about changing the way we see ourselves.

Click here to learn more about Weight Loss the Forgotten Secret

Friday, March 02, 2007

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Treatment with Hypnotherapy

IBS has been found to be common in people who have gone through, or who are going through major life changes e.g. ... house or job changes, relationship, bereavement, etc..

Find out a non-intrusive, simple way to help you overcome IBS with Hypnosis

Monday, January 29, 2007

Male Impotence Hypnotherapy Treatment

Hypnotherapy can be a great help with many causes of impotence, where there is a psychological cause, addiction, or where a negative habit is linked.
Click here to learn more on treating male impotence

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Hypnotherapy Treatment Free Consultation: Weight Loss, Stop Smoking, Ibs and more

Find lots of great information about hypnotherapy and how it can help you make positive new changes in your life.
Get a FREE 30 minutes consultation now and start your new year the best way!!

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