Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Three Ways to Turbo Charge Your Brain Power!

It’s official—you can boost your brain power. And it doesn’t have to be difficult.All the research points to these three things...

  • Exercise… it improves the transmission of oxygen and nutrients to the cells of the brain.
  • Diet… avoid saturated fat, it’s even bad for your brain! Experiments with rats have found that they performed poorly in memory and learning tests when on a high fat diet. Some of the best foods for your brain are spinach (no surprise there), walnuts and blueberries.

Meditation and self-hypnosis… can boost your creativity and make you think more clearly.

There are many benefits to meditation and self-hypnosis, improved brain power is only one of them. If it’s good enough for the Dali Lama it must be good enough for us too!

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