Tuesday, July 13, 2010

“Wife nagging me to give her hypnotic gastric band” -

Phew! It suddenly seems like everyone wants to lose weight.

The sale of my book ‘weight Loss The Forgotten Secret’ is going through the roof— again!

The phone’s ringing off the hook…

..must be the weather?

Or is it the thought of trying to squeeze into last summer’s swimsuit?

Who knows…

…but one thing I do know, is this…

…my wife is “nagging” me like crazy! She wants me to ZAP her into a deep trance and give her a hypnotic Gastric band!

Yeah, I’m under real pressure!

You see I cured my wife of her smoking habit a few years back. And now she insists that I help her lose her muffin top.

So I told her what I tell all my clients: I said, “Deborah, if you are really serious about losing weight I can help you, but if not— I can’t it’s as simple as that”.

I’m still waiting for her rely.

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Have a terrific day!