Friday, October 09, 2009

Are You Sick and Tired of Feeling Stressed? Self-Hypnosis could be Your Saviour!

Phew… What a stressful year!

As I was walking through Bromley High Street today there was a certain religious group offering stress tests. I was amazed by the amount of people taking up the offer—all ages were waiting anxiously for the verdict on how stress was affecting their life. Yes, stress is a problem for many of us, much more than most people realise but I also know we need some stress to get our backsides into gear! I know it’s a natural response but when it gets out of control it becomes distress—and that is a problem!

What can you do about it?

Many things: for a start we can get more organised. We can learn to manage our time more effectively. We can avoid certain foods like caffeine, chocolate and alcohol. We can exercise, go for brisk walks, go for a swim, lift weights or do some gardening—all of these can help. But, one of the best things you can do is learn to relax! Yes, you have heard it before, but you still don’t do it. Why, because most of us have never been shown how to. Some people think sitting in front of the TV does the job. Sitting in front of the TV is not true relaxation, but meditating or practising self-hypnosis is. So what’s the difference between the two? Well they both work wonders for reducing stress and creating calm, but self-hypnosis goes a step further. When you master self-hypnosis you experience deep relaxation, but you can also create many other changes as well. You can cure yourself of many stress-related problems. You can help control your weight, stop smoking, overcome phobias and cure yourself of insomnia. You can also programme your mind for financial success … that means more money and less stress!

The Forgotten Secret to a Better Life

Some people are still resistant to the idea of hypnosis. They think it is some strange type of deep sleep, but how wrong this perception is. Self-hypnosis is similar to meditation—which is about self-awareness, health and well–being, but self-hypnosis is all of these … and much more.

Here’s another secret… all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. That means if you went to a hypnotherapist and he or she tells you that you are relaxing, you naturally turn the suggestion into an auto-suggestion, if you choose! This proves just how much control we all have when it comes to controlling our own minds. You are the master of your thoughts and feelings. You can choose to feel bad and you can choose to feel good. Just like you can choose to smoke or overeat, you can also choose to relax and stay cool, even in the tough economy we live in today.

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To your health, happiness and success!