Monday, January 25, 2010

At Last…A Hypnotherapy Directory that Promises to Deliver!

The hypnotherapy profession is growing—and fast.

There is plenty of evidence that proves hypnotherapy works. It has been shown to greatly improve results in CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy) and there are numerous studies that prove the effectiveness of hypnosis on IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome).

Millions have quit smoking with hypnosis and millions more have lost weight with the help of hypnotherapy. The profession of hypnotherapy has come a long way indeed over the last twenty years.

But here’s the problem: the public are confused. There are so many different styles and philosophies out there that people need more information as to what type of hypnotherapy is best for them and who they can trust to deliver it—this lack of clarity is a real threat to the credibility of the profession.

Now there is a new website that offers a great service for those looking for a hypnotherapist: . It is a professional directory and it’s free to use!

Imagine, you want to find a hypnotherapist but you don’t have a clue where to start—you simply go the hypnotherapy directory and type in the geographical area that you are looking for. A list will then come up of all the hypnotherapists that have been fully checked by the directory. You will find information about the different organisations and articles about different subjects: weight control, stopping smoking, IBS etc. There is also information about fees, type of training and the different services that are available. You get all the answers you need!

The reality is that hypnotherapy is a relationship between client and hypnotherapist. You have to like and trust your chosen therapist—that’s a large part of what makes it work. You need to choose a well trained hypnotherapist who cares, and that’s where this new directory can be a reliable resource.

My conclusion: anyone looking for a hypnotherapist will find this directory valuable. The time for hypnotherapy is NOW! And now is the time for a good, professional website that can help people make the right choices.

To Your Success!