Wednesday, December 02, 2009

The Real Truth about Tiger Woods!

No, I am not referring to his recent accident. I am talking about his success secret, or one of them. Yes, he is a naturally talented and gifted man. But, what most people don’t realise is that he has learned to use the highly useful tool of self-hypnosis.

Tiger has discovered the secret that almost all successful people have discovered. It is the amazing ability to focus the mind and create positive outcomes….And he is not the only celeb that uses this skill….

…Sylvester Stallone, Matt Damon and Sir Winston Churchill…Yes, they have all used hypnosis to improve their lives!

Sylvester Stallone used self-hypnosis to help himself to become successful back in the Rocky days. Matt Damon quit smoking with Hypnosis. Winston Churchill used a form of self-hypnosis to help him to make important decisions during his time in office. There are of course many other famous people who have been helped by hypnosis, some you may know about, and others who choose to keep it a secret.

It has been well documented that Winston Churchill spent 30 minutes each day in a state of inner focus. He would close his eyes, go inside himself and clear his mind ready to address the many important decisions that he needed to make.

Many famous people have got help from hypnosis over the years. Billy Joel and Drew Barrymore both quit smoking with hypnosis. One well known singer from the seventies took things a step further, she is now a hypnotherapist. Her name is Helen Ready. Remember her? Helen sang “I am a woman”

How much is Tigers success down to self-hypnosis? We may never know, it could be 10% or maybe even 90% nobody can answer that. But remember just because you are born with the potential to be good at something, you must be able to channel that potential in the right direction.

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To Your Success!