Monday, February 25, 2008

Why your New Year resolution didn't last and what you can do about it?

It’s been almost two months since you made that promise “I am going to quit smoking this year” I am going to stop eating chocolate or I am going to find a new job. So what happened? Maybe you enjoy smoking too much, after all you don’t smoke much and you only drink now and again, you have to have some vices right? As for the chocolate you really don’t eat that much and we all need an extra boost in the afternoon, yeah right! What about the career change? “IT`S BEST TO STICK TO WHAT YOU KNOW RIGHT!

Why take risks? Who am I kidding! What makes me think I can be different my dad was right, go into a safe profession and stay there.

To many of us these words are only too familiar. Okay I am sure there are some of you that have already made some big changes this year.

Already in the last two months a few of you are I am sure are right on track. Even I seemed to have gotten off to pretty good start.

The truth is we can make changes any time we choose. Notice I say choose. One thing I have realised over the last few years is that almost everything we do is a choice. Some of these choices are conscious and many are unconscious. We are making choices every day of our lives. What to eat, where to eat, what to wear and what not to wear. We even choose whether or not we go to work each day. Then there is the choice of who we spend our time with. Choice of course does have its drawbacks, too many can create inner conflicts and anxiety. We even have choice about choice, try and get your head around that one.

So here is what I am getting at? Don’t tell yourself “I will stop smoking or I will quit junk food because you will probably find a part of you inside is yelling “WHO ARE KIDDING” When you say I choose to quit smoking or I choose to eat healthier foods you notice an amazing sense of self-empowerment you find when you stop tying to order your subconscious mind around, the pressure disappears, you start taking control and you begin to succeed at creating changes in your life,

So, if you want to quit smoking, say to yourself now

“I will stop smoking”……………notice how you feel……….

Now say to yourself

“I choose to be a non smoker”…………notice how you feel……….

Can you sense the difference?

What is your desire?If there is a real secret to personal change it has to be DESIRE because without desire you will be beaten before you start. There is a huge difference between thinking you should do something and wanting to do something. Even if you want to achieve something i.e. lose thirty pounds of fat, develop more self-confidence or become a millionaire, are you prepared to do what it takes? probably not. For the small percentage that does the rewards are high. The move to better health, happiness and success is what you can expect. The point is why wait for the New Year to come around, make sure you choose your desired changes, focus on the end result and just do it now!