Wednesday, March 03, 2010

A story about you…

Every year in London, I give a lecture on hypnosis. It’s always lots of fun and the students love it. At the beginning of the talk I tell a quick story. It sets the stage for the whole presentation. The students come from all cultures. Some are from Russia, China, and Japan. Others are from Italy, Spain and other parts of Europe. At the end of the story I see smiles all around the room. This is because it applies to almost all of us. You and me too!

Here is the story…

…According to legend, many years ago, high up on Mount Olympus, the gods created man. They wanted to make man in the same image of themselves – powerful. The challenge was, where would they put man’s power where he would not easily find it? You see, the gods were worried because if man was to find his power too easily, he might use it to overthrow them and they wouldn’t want that to happen.

Night after night, the gods sat around the campfire high up in the mountains discussing where to hide man’s power.

One god said, ‘Let’s put it deep in the heart of the forest; he will never get to it there.’

Another god said, ‘I know, let’s put at the bottom of the ocean.’

But the gods all disagreed. No, if he’s as clever as we are, he’ll find it in all of those places. And so they continued, night after night, discussing where to put man’s power.

‘Let’s put it deep inside a cave, with a large boulder over the opening, to prevent him from getting in,’ said a god.

‘No, let’s put it high up on a mountain,’ said another.

But all the gods agreed that man would be just too smart, and he’d soon find that power and find a way to use it.

And so they continued, night after night, discussing where they could put man’s power.

After much deliberation, and many long nights, one god stood up and said excitedly, ‘I have it! I know where we can put man’s power, where he’ll never think to look’.

The gods looked at him with anticipation.

The god smiled, and said, ‘Right inside himself. He will never think to look there.’

Have you?

To Your Success